Exhibition Map

mckinney ann-vern Discourse on Erdanse


Discover from artistic director David Ben how this whole exhibition was born.


Start your visit with a message from Jason England explaining how he came to curate this exhibition on editions of The Expert at the Cart Table.


 We recommend starting with the variations of Erdnase:

American Variations

Foreign Variations

Annotated Variations

Modern Variations

Then, we suggest you explore the Erdnasian universe we call, Erdnasiana. Here you will find three galleries on:

Discourse on Erdnase

Erdnase Ephemera

Erdnase-insipired Playing Cards

We have also embarked on the First Edition Project, where we have set out to count how many First Editions of Erdnase (EATCT) may exist. Do you have one? Are you part of the Project?