First Edition Count

first edition 2

To date, here is the current count:

1   Calgary (Canada)
3   Toronto (Canada)

3   San Francisco/Bay Area (USA)
4   Mountain View (USA)
3   Los Angeles (USA)
7   New York (USA)
10 Las Vegas (USA)
1   Oklahoma (USA)
1   Raleigh (USA)
1  Tampa (USA)
1  Texas (USA)

1   Whalley, Lancashire, England (UK)
1   London, England (UK)
1   Dunfermline, Scotland (UK)
1   Jersey, Channel Islands (UK)

39 copies accounted for so far…

We believe there are several more out there so please, join our First Edition hunt and add to the list!

All information submitted is held in STRICT confidence. We are only interested in the running count.